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Award-winning Independent Funding Specialist

With over 24 years’ experience in banking we offer more than brokerage. Our in-depth knowledge of the lending market makes us highly qualified and experienced independent funding specialists.

Our understanding of how things work allows us to view proposals from a lender’s perspective. We understand what they want to see and how to negotiate to get positive results for our clients. And we’ve built firm relationships with lenders who trust our judgement so we know exactly who to approach and when.

Our clients range from individuals who want to start a property portfolio and SMEs who want finance for business property purchases, to residential property developers.

It’s a tough market. Many of our clients have been refused funding by their banks, despite longstanding relationships and excellent track records in business. Other clients want to shop around to be certain they’re getting the best deal. However, they’re not sure who to approach or how.

As independent funding specialists we can go to the entire market to look for finance. We’ll talk to as many as 20 different lenders and ideally come back with several offers that we then help our clients compare.

Unfortunately, the work doesn’t stop once a deal has been secured. You’ll need to keep track of both sets of solicitors as well as the bank, and any other professionals who are involved. That’s why we offer our Premium Service.

It’s designed for clients who don’t have the time or who simply don’t want to handle this time-consuming and often frustrating process themselves. We guide them through each step, helping them to negotiate obstacles and overcome barriers.

We work with other trusted professionals too, such as accountants, independent financial advisors and solicitors. They recommend us to their clients because they know we will look after them.

And our expertise and professionalism as independent funding specialists has been recognised by our industry. In 2008 we were delighted to be named Commercial Mortgage IFA/Whole of Market Adviser of the Year in the FT Group’s Financial Adviser Mortgage Awards.

So why not find out how we can help you achieve the finance you need? Call us on 01737 652 122, or email us at

Full members of the National Association of Commercial Finance Brokers

St Georges Finance is a full member of the National Association of Commercial Finance Brokers


What we do

  • No success, no fee
  • We’re independent so we can source funding from the entire market
  • We prepare a comprehensive proposal to lenders on your behalf
  • We explain the small print on paperwork
  • We can guide you through the process from application through to draw-down
  • We arrange loans from £150,000 to £5m


  • Commercial Mortgage
  • Property Development
  • Cash Flow Finance
  • Property Investment


Winner of Commercial Mortgage IFA 2008

Commercial Mortgage IFA of the year - 2008